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Who we are.

Church on the Bus is a Charity founded on Christian principles. Our charitable objects are “To relieve need among people who are homeless and or former prisoners, sick, substance misusers or otherwise in need of help by the provision of food, clothing, advice, practical help and support.”

Church on the Bus provides warmth, shelter, food and drinks, clothing, prayer, and a listening ear to anyone in need. The service is run by volunteers and operates every Monday and Thursday evenings in Chesterfield and some Tuesday afternoons in Matlock for the homeless and those who are struggling with life in accommodation provided through the local authorities.

In October 2019, we moved our operations from the Bus to Grace Chapel in the centre of Chesterfield and Cornerstone Christian Bookshop in Matlock. This gave us more space to serve our guests and keep them all warm and dry at the same time. We are retaining our charity name to maintain the link with our roots and to leave open the possibility of becoming mobile again, but we don’t have a bus at this time. Our guests often have multiple and complex needs, and it is a privilege to serve in this way. 


We produce newsletters 2-3 times a year and email them to anybody who has signed up to receive them. We also mail them to anyone who does not use email. You can ask to be added to our mailing list using the form on the 'Support and Contact Us' page.

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